The way you spread — Big changes in v0.8

Hi there.

Thanks to the warm welcome during our first game jam, we have decided to make the game.  We're going to convert that simple idea to the actual product. 

As our first step we've decided to focus on adaptation for mobile. As some have already asked to improve. It adds us strict boundaries to the field size — having 16×16 field of cells provides a quite poor user experience on those small screens.

So, we have decided to go 3D! Kinda… This is the major change to a game mechanics. Now, instead of some spirally-filled-grid you have got a cube of cells. 8×8×8 of them. You still play in 2D though. And core rules are all the same. It's interesting, how mechanics is affected by just changing of the way it spreads.

We have also removed rows collapsing, as well as made some graphics tweaks and added cool "clearing" effect. 

Please, fill free to share your opinion on the game and any of these changes. You can leave a comment here, open an issue on github, or join us on discord.

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